Rear diff lock?


I have seen in a F300 feroza manual somewhere that there are two transfer cases for the hd-e 1600cc. one... what i got, the 2h,4h,4l and the other,two... had (4wd) and (center diff lock). is this mechanical rear diff lock? or some sort of transfer lock?

Never heard of it, but it sou

Never heard of it, but it sounds like a full time 4x4, like a land rover defender. This would mead the centre diff lock locks the diff in the transfur case, to put 50% drive to each axle the same as you've got when you put it in 4wd.

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Full time 4wd models

Dead right there Nev. Some models were permanent 4wd with lockable centre diff. No diff locks in the axles though so no advantage over part time 4wd Sporties. In fact running around in a permanent 4x4 model would no doubt be dearer on fuel. Sad
If you have the F300 service manual, the transmission and transfer section has all the details.