Fourtrak tapets


Hi Folks, I want to check the setting of the tappets on my 2.8 non turbo, Do I check / adjust them hot, cold or running?
Many Thanks, Chris.

valve clearance

hehe ... I so want to suggest you were right third time and it has to be done with the engine running Wink

According to my manual, on the DL42 engine (Naturally aspirated diesel) both exhaust and intake valve clearances should be 0.25 +-0.05 (mm) and the gap should be set when the engine is hot (but not running)

The locking nut on the adjusters should be torqued down to 19.6-24.5 N-m (2.0-2.5 kgf-m) once the clearance is set, being careful of course to not allow the adjuster to tighten down as you tighten the lock-nut (only takes 2 seconds to check the clearance again once the lock nut is tightened, just to be sure).



warning: may contain traces of nut.