fourtrak lift shackles


hi all.
Anyone out there know where i can buy some 2" lift shackles for my 1990 fourtrak that don't cost an arm or a leg. Or does anyone out there have drawings of them so that i can make them myself?

Hi, Im (Mostly my mates dad)


Im (Mostly my mates dad) making up some at the moment, If you just take off one of the old ones and make it 4" longer then you will get a 2" lift, hardest part is the bend you need to put into each shackle, but he is a metal fabricator so thats ok. I welded some box section (Just a box bit of metal) in between the 2 shackles to give it some more strength.

Just having a problem now with getting the bolts out that hold the shackles on. Think they have become one with the bushes. Tried a hammer, Big bit of metal, sledge hammer, heating them up but they just wont budge. I read somewhere that you can melt them out so mite have to give that a go. Oh and if your going to use a sledge hammer to get the bolts out make sure you put the nut on so that gets bent up and not the bolt. You can replace the nut easily if you cant get the bolt out and need to drive it. Thats pretty common sence but i learnt it the hard way.

To get him to make some up would cost £90 for the set.

I can e-mail you some pictures of them if you want.


I've recently had some made

I've recently had some made for my Sportrak. I started with a new pair of standard shackles from Milner Off Road in Matlock.
I took them to a local 4x4 friendly engineering firm and had a word with the gaffer.
They said the best way to go about it was to remove the pins from the shackles (need to be done on a press, they're a splined inteference fit) and make a new pair of longer side legs. Never Weld in extension pieces as they are not safe.

This is precisely what they did - new legs in 7mm steel were cut and dog legged on their big hydraulic press. One leg of the two was reinforced with steel rods to act as back bracing, welded along the entire length to create two ribs. This does away with the need for centre cross bracing which would have to be welded in after fitting to the car. The salvaged pins were welded into the new legs and voila! one pair of beefy extended shackles made stronger than standard OEM parts. All in cost, including Milner's shackles was £40.
Very happy with the results.


lift shackles

thanks very much for your input on the lift shackles .You can never have too much info on this kind of thing.

Andy, Didn't take any pics


Didn't take any pics of the shackles off the car - doh!
Here's pics of the ride height (doesn't really do it justice though).
You can save these pics to your hard drive, just click on the thumbnail to open the pic, hover on the pic with your mouse pointer and click the little disk icon top left to save where you want on your C drive. Smile


Hello Jon. Thanks for the

Hello Jon.
Thanks for the pictures and your time.You have been a great help.

lift shackles

Thank you for the info on making the shackles it would be good if you could e-mail me some pictures. also could you e-mail me a picture of your truck to see what it looks like 2" higher.
Once again thank you for youir help.


hi mate, i want to give my 1989 fourtrak a suspention lift, can you still make shackle lifts, and can you send me some pic s please, thanks.