Windscreen on a 1997 Sporty/Feroza


1997 Sportrak windscreen sustained a lump of lava strike. A big chip that won´t pass the next MOT (or Icelandic equivalent)

I have access to a 1990 and 1993 Feroza about 50 km from here.

Will the older windscreens fit/are they compatible with the newer Sporty body?

I´ve read the Rocky stuff about replacing a windscreen and feel fairly confident at giving it a go, albeit aided and abetted...

As far as I know the main

As far as I know the main cabin remains unchanged. Only inner and outer wings, front panels etc changed for the facelift 94's onwards, but I could be wrong of course!
I can e-mail you the body section from the service manual if you like in pdf format. It has the windcreen replacement procedure.