how do you turn down the emissions on a sportrak


hi i'm carl i've hade my sportrak for years and the old girl has never let me down,
i've put her in for a mot and the emissions are very high does anyone know of a trick to bring them down daihatsu dealers want to charge me an arm & leg to look at it please can someone help???

fuel pump

not sure but my last 2.8 4trak was giving me bother it had no power and some one on here suggested the owner before me had the fuel pump turned down to get it through its emision test.not sure if that was the prob but i take it that is a trick but i'm not certain u would be better to wait and see if someone can confirm my theory.
cheers bill

Type of engine needed.

Insufficient information.
Its a Sportrack. Is it ---- carburettor or HD-C or HD-E or EFI engine?

I wouldn't bother trying to

I wouldn't bother trying to fudge it through it's emissions test. It's either badly in need of a service and tune, has a knackered cat (about £60 on or it may be burning oil (more expensive fix).
Forget main dealer work, they charge the earth and are no better than your independant mechanic - which should be your next port of call.