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The Blue Midget



My newly inherited '87 hijet, got a full MOT last week, just need to find cheap enough insurance to use it.
Needs some surface rust and paint in places taking care of but is pretty awesome, maybe even fit a sub-woofer just to annoy my brother.

I will respray the faded bumpers and light surrounds, and hopefully find a good colour match to do the rest of the outside.

My daihatsu hijet after respray and much more !!



This is my daihatsu hijet

I bought this 1997 hijet completly standard 3 months ago. It was originally silver.

Ive put 2x front bucket seats in

Smoothed side door handles/wiper/wiperjet and the passenger side door lock.

Its been fully resprayed blue.

I just litrally this second ago got back from picking up some 16" alloys for it! im suprised they didnt rub the arches.

My next stage is a 1.3 gti turbo charade engine for it!

Comments welcome. Or for any information or help with yours please do ask.

Many thanks


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