Daihatsu K3 VE and VE2 Timing Chain Kit !!


Well I beleive Iv'e done it.
Taken a lot of time and bloody mindedness.

Nipparts Complete Timing Chain Kit for above engines.

From Unipart Part Number N1156000. £123.33p + vat.

So just short of £150 for the Kit.

Apparently this is the OEM Part.
Hence the reluctance to sell it to Private Buyers.
Something to do with model age so they couldn't sell privately - BUT THEY CAN NOW. !! Ye Haaaa. Smile

Decent Price as well I think. Smile

Fill your boots. LOL.

Still Special Order and takes about two weeks. Wink


Good result Bob, decent price

Good result Bob, decent price too Smile

Just our luck to have made in Taiwan on them Biggrin

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We will see.

Nipparts are supposed to be good and have ISO Grades, so hopefully all will be ok. We Will See. Smile

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