Daihatsu stuff for sale pretty cheap. All models.


I have just put in the ads on the left an E Bay item.

Just put this number in (It is 4 a brand new Fourtrack Chassis for £150!!! )

Look through all the items this site has to sell. There are various bits and pieces you might be interested in.
Have a look - You never know, there might be something you fancy - Also for Subaru's. Smile

ps. I have nothing to do with this site and have just found it.

It's IM who are selling the

It's IM who are selling the parts. I.e the same International Motors who import and sell both the cars for Suabru, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu. As well as provide the parts to the garages. Looks like they are doing a clear out of old stocks. As for the Subaru Impreza IM do not import these anymore, same as Daihatsu models.

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Is the mat set a decent price at £13.80? Never checked with the agents...
I reckon I shall purchase the boot tray. Save some wear on the carpet. Was waiting for a boot kit to come up, but seems quite rare. Will go for this instead. Smile

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Prices !!

Some of the stuff is still a bit pricy, but a lot is much cheaper.
I believe the tray and mats are very cheap.
There is some brand new stuff almost being given away for the Terios and some decent stuff for the Copen.
Sirion Racing Brake Pads for £15 - Good Price.

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