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I have a fourtrak 2.8 turbo diesel which is a pig to start on cold mornings.

I have to crank it for 4 or 5 times at about 10-15 seconds a time. It always does start eventually, with lots of blue smoke (and annoyed neighbours as I start work early)

I have followed the manufacturers guide by letting the starter plugs warm up first, and pressing the accellerator before cranking up.

Once its going, its starts again fine all day, firing on the first key turn, only does not like cold mornings.

Any clues as to whats wrong??

mick Booth

Duff heater plug on rear cylinder.

Had that one before. Disconnect all the wires and measure each plug's resistance to the head with an ohm-meter. The resistance should be around the 0.7 ohm mark, if memory serves. My duff plug measured 60 ohms.

For a fuller explanation, see my entry under 'Glow Plugs' or 'Heater Plugs' (do a search). ..... sorry to be brief, but I'm in a hurry.


two things, either you have a couple of glow plugs down or you sucking air.

To be honest, I would go with glow plugs. Disconnect all of them. Get your meter and check to see if any are open circuit, there should be a circuit between the 'head' the 'body' of the plug, I bet you have at least one gone........