fuel guage stuck on half empty/full ?


the motor is a 1991 fourtrack, is this easy to fix ?, i wouldnt really know where to start, could it be the guage in the dashboard or the sender unit in the tank ?.

If the dash has to come out how on earth do i do that LOL

perhaps i should leave it for a proffesional ?.


Hmmm...it could be either of

Hmmm...it could be either of course...what happens when you turn off ignition...does needle go back to 'empty' and only move up when ignition is on...if so that would suggest the gauge is getting power...only way to really check is to remove instrument cowling and test the gauge with a meter.

If its the sender you have a potentially more difficult job...the sender is held into the top of the tank by 3 or 4 little screws and to get to it you need to drop the tank...I have done this and its not too bad...cept for the rusted bolts holding the bloody thing up.

A lead runs from the sender unit (which incidentally is a standard float job with a sliding resistor which of course,as you fill up, controls current to the gauge.If you look carefully, at the rear of the car, you should be able to see the sender lead end plug where it joins the rear loom.
Right in the centre of the vehicle rear end in the gap between tank and rear floor..its a white small plastic connector...try giving this a little wiggle and it might prove fruitfull...if not you have to decide what your next step is...get gauge out and test or drop tank to get at sender.....the manual takes u through dropping the tank step by step.

thanks friend, it seems to be

thanks friend, it seems to be stuck on half, does the manual tell you how to get the cowl off Unknw

thanks for the tip at the back, i'll give it a wriggle.


Yup the manual does indeed sh

Yup the manual does indeed show you how to get the instrument cowling off...with piccys too :)..the manual is well worth having I would say ..specially if you do your own repairs.

To get the cowling off

1. Remove lower instruement panel...the panel below the steering wheel
its held on by two screws

2. Remove headlight levering switch knob (if fitted)

3. Remove the two screws at the bottom of the cowling (next to radio

4. Remove the two bolts which are situated on the top of the cowling..
one each side of actual instrument housing..above the little vents.

5. You shouls now be able to lift the whole instrument cluster upwards

6. Its connected (as u will see) to a load of leads/cables.

7. To disconnect and free the complete cowling undo the main coupling
for the combination meter, undo the speedo cable,undo 4H switch
coupler, undo rear wiper switch, undo remote mirror switch (if
fitted), undo rear defogger switch...now the whole unit should be

The manual also goes into detail on how to test the gauge with a multi-meter....measuring resistance between the terminals etc...give me a shout if you want the values.

Pretty easy to remove and test really...still think it will be the sender unit though...but better to check gauge first to eliminate it as the source of the problem....nowt worse than a fuel gauge that dont work...been there a few times...did my head in Smile

excellent friend, i will get

excellent friend, i will get a manual for sure, it seems to be mandatory for DIY'ers, thanks.