Sportrak Modification questions.


I'm interested in buying a sportrak and would like to kno if I can lift it 2"' very easily? Do they use spring leave's in which case could I lift them using shackle lifters? Also what are they like off road. What wheel size and width should I use e.g 15x7 and what size tyres. Also is there anything I can do to give it a bit more tourque.

they're tortion bar independe

they're tortion bar independent on the front, and leaf under axle on the back. There very capable off road. Standard wheel size is 15", 6" wide I think? 215/15 is standard for tyre size I belive.

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So will 15x7's fit on or will

So will 15x7's fit on or will it scrub? I was thinkin 15x7's wit 225/15's. I want quite chunky all terrains any suggestions. Preferably quite cheap.