Broken Shockers


Hi Everyone
After a promising start it's been a long time since i posted a question in the forum so here's one that has probably been posted before and hopefully someone will answer it.

As my sporty is a second fun only car i decided that if i did'nt use it she would have to go, so i joined an off road club to give me a hobby and to liven up boring sunday afternoons.
I think the club i joined was having a bit of a laugh with a novice and threw me in at the deep end (that's the joke out of the way).
The first course i went on i managed to rip the rear plastic wheel arch off, bend the nearside front and back bumper but worst of all shear both rear shock absorbers off at the bottom:( Sad
Finally, my question is, can i get heavey duty shockers and do they have to be Daihatsu ones as i've heard that Landy ones will fit, not to bothered about adjustable ones so long as something meaty will fit.


no you dont have to replace with standard daihatsu fittment as long as they are secure and dont bottom or top out with in operational perameters of your sporty. sorry cannot recomend any replacement ,but i am sure that someone will know and drop a line


MOT nearly due and rear shocks are loosing their casing.Last week I intended to replace Sporty's rear shocks but since they are not leaking I forced a plastic tube/underseal over the crumbling cases so they should be OK for MOT.
However I took quite some time to sort replacement shocks : did not buy having used plastic tubes! If you follow these up with your local DIY motor shop you should get some success.Check the references are correct before buying since I did not go further than the identification details. Remember its called a 'feroza' in supplier's catalogues. [£ price each, that my local shop quoted]

LIP QAG 179503 [£25 + vat]
KYB excel 343238 [£44]
KYB adjust 553156 [£49] .... not certain if they adjust!


Found a great Australian web site that you can download service manuals for free, all you need to do is register with a username and password then you can download the manuals in PDF format.
PS thanks for the replys, but still trying to find out if Landy shocks will fit as they are half the price of quoted prices for Sporty shocks.