Air Intake Into cabin ????Snorkel alternative???


I have a Sportrak and got water into the airfilter (dont panic it still works ok) but I did look at putting a snorkel on but I cant find one and probably couldnt afford it anyway so I thought about alternatives andcame up with the idea of plumbing into the cabin .I know that water comes into the cabin but I dont plan on taking it in really deep water but I got caught out once and if I had a bit more air available like while the water rises in the cabin I may have got out on my own.

Does anyone Know any reasons not to do it like :

Will my cabin fill with fumes?

Will it increase the noise level?

Will it effect the running of the car?

Or is this a good idea worth trying?

Also would I need an air filter?

Your body might expand due to

Your body might expand due to the vacuum effect Lol

Seriously, you will notice an increase in noise, and yes you should still need an air filter.

Put the air conditioner on an

Put the air conditioner on and get cold air intake bro!! Biggrin

In the nissan trials a lot of people duct a tube into the passenger window so not junk is caught in thier intake.. bit noisier tho.. Better than a stuffed motor though Smile
You will still need to come out of the engine bay with the tubing.. i dont know how else to do it other than a hole in your guard the same as a snorkel would do

Air intake into cabin ???

I was thinking of putting tube through bulkhead into space behind dashboard. By the way I dont have air con ,
Thanks Very Much for help guys.


Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

Body expanding due to vacuum effect

My body is doing that anyway but its a better excuse than eating too much over christmas...ho...ho....ho

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!