battery discharging 2


thanks to those who responded
further checking i have found that one of the 3 battery leads to the + pole
is drawing 70m/amps
1 goes to the starter solenoid
2 (with 2 fuses on) goes in to the relay box by battery
3 this one goes in to armouring possible to/ around alternator? & is the one constantly drawing 70 m/amps
does any body know what it does & is 70m/amps excessive?


70m/amps sounds insignificant. At that rate of discharge your battery should power days later. Now 70amps would be a big problem!

70 milliamps is too much

A new battery in a warm climate would manage that for weeks. But an aged battery in a cold climate would have a hard job to start the engine after a few idle days.

Where is the 70mA going?? Car intruder alarm? Has some accessory recently fitted been wrongly wired??