bad grinding noise


hi i am a newbie to 4x4 vehicles but recently i purchased a 1988 2.8 diesel fourtrak swb and i was pulling a car transporter with a stock car on when the brakes suddenly engaged on the trailer since this my fourtrak as developed a grinding noise i think in the back axle but it only occurs in 2nd gear or 4th at low speed wonderin if anyone can help as this is my first car and i know absolutely nothing lol many thanx fatbob

Gearbox/Axle Noise

Hi Bob,

Its difficult to identify a noise just from reading a brief description but this is the first thing that springs to mind.

You may have broken a gearbox mounting allowing the gearbox to drop. When you select 2nd or 4th (the two gears that you pull the lever backwards) the gearlever could be rubbing against the floor panel.

thanx will certainly check ho

thanx will certainly check hopefully thats all it will be
if not will have to check elsewere only problem is some thieving sod as nicked my 4ton trolly jack lol would a normal trolly jack lift it