Head Gasket Problem


Hi I'm new here and have just got myself a new (to me) black & silver Sportrack 1993 with 91,000 1.6 petrol 16v. It's in good condition apart from the head gasket Sad

The problem is the head gasket has blown and I need to ask a few questions . . .

1) Has anyone removed a head and it's been cracked? (car scrap in my case)

2) Are the head bolts stretch or plain bolts?

3) Anything I should know before starting such a job?

Thanks for any replys


Head gasket.

Right as far as im aware, they are stretch bolts. As i had my head gasket done a while ago, and im sure they reused the same bolts. So it went again. Just bought a new set, and gonna be doing it myself. It is worth getting the head skimmed, as the head will instantly warp when removed. This is very slightly though, if at all. But worth getting checked tho.

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