Move, New Tanto, etc etc etc


I´ve noticed that Move is not for sale anymore in Europe and it´s only for japanese market, jezzz. Move is a very handy and ingenious car (well, all Daihatsus are ingenious)... but, If anyone of ya have checked the Tokyo motorshow site or news, there´s a new car named "TANTO". It´s still unknown if this car would go for export... while Move has "moved" to a more "premium" concept, TANTO is taking the original concept of Move, and improved! Wheelbase is longer, height is almost the same, but interior volume is greater. Tanto will go on sale on november or december.

Also, theres a 1300cc DOHC Turbo engined COPEN in exhibition. Could you imagine the current Copen with the almighty engine from YRV Turbo? I would die to drive one!

reading japanese websites, there are rumors for a Full model change for terios on 2004.

Visiting Daihatsu´s japanese website, I´ve saw their Daihatsu MIRA AVY (charade for UK)commercial featuring Victoria Beckham.

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