Bl**dy F**£kin Shock Mount Bolts on Sportrak Leaf Springs


Well, todays project of changing my rear leaf springs was all going swimmingly, infact it was too good to be true. All the big nuts came undone without any fuss due to liberal coatings of WD40 for the last few days. Then I come to undoing the lower shock mounts nuts. First one shears the thick bolt with little effort, but better was to come. I goes to loosen the other and find it is not a 15mm like the other side but 12mm. Hmm.... further investigation revealed that someone else had sheared that side off and merely drilled and threaded the remaining sheared bolt to accept a 12mm bolt!!! Jees... I've seen some bodges in my time, but sounds a bit dodgy to me...

So anyway, I now need to replace the big bolts. Do they come seperately or do I have to buy the complete plate setup? If so where from? There isn't anything in my Milners catalogue that I can see and I don't have access to welders etc for fabrication (the Monkeys wanted it back) etc.

HELP!!! Help

Rear spring brackets

Hi, I enquired at Milners, they do sell new brackets they are about £32 each. I bought a pair of a breaker for a fiver each.

Popped into my local Daihatsu

Popped into my local Daihatsu emporium today, and they only sell the bracket with the bolt in, and not the bolt on it's own. The price was £30 per bracket so for that price I might as well go genuine!