People wanting parts

Am I being out of order? I dont think I am!

Hmm... maybe not, but 9.55pm

Hmm... maybe not, but 9.55pm is not exactly late is it?

Suppose you could put contact times in?

People wanting parts

1 I originally spoke to James on Sat Feb 25 at around 8pm and discussed the sale of a starter motor (so I knew he traded out of normal office hours)
2 I ordered and paid for a starter motor on Sun Feb 26 with a 3 day delivery, so assuming it was posted on Monday, I expected delivery on Thursday 02 Mar
3 When it had not arrived by Saturday I rang the mobile number posted on this forum and was told that it had not even been posted.
4 I e mailed on Monday to ask for confirmation of posting and the new expected delivery date and was told that it would be here by Wed 08 Mar
5 It had not arrived by Thursday afternoon, so I rang James and asked for the Tracking reference - he said that it would be sent to me as soon as he got home
6 It had not arrived by late evening, so I rang James's mobile twice - no answer, so I sent a text saying I needed ref number urgently.
7 I got two angry texts in response, one of which I declined to respond to
8 An e mail that was not sent until 09:31 was then received with the tracking reference. However, the 'session prefix' I have been given is invalid and not recognised by Parcelforce.
9 I have had no response to an e mail and text message sent this morning asking for the correct one.

My car is out of action, I have not had the three day delivery I have paid for, and I have been polite at all times. Is this unreasonable? What else am I supposed to do?

Arrogant people

Right just to clarify a point or 2!

The item was posted by myself as I mentioned in the text to you last night. As I also mentioned in the text which you chose to not reply to if you are so unsatisfied then refuse the item and it will come back to us then we shall refund you, but also as stated I have no idea where you will get a recondtioned starter motor for a fourtak independent for $54.60 (forgive $ signs as keyboard is set up american) with delivery.

Also as I mentioned last night in the text message your incessant phone calls woke up my little boy who has been poorly and still is and anyone here who has children will know how frustrating it is when a 1yr old who is barely sleeping and you have just managed to get him settled back to sleep, has just been woken up by a numpty who insists on ringing not once but twice straight after each other and then also sends a text. We have 2 other children who where then woken by the little boy further adding to my furore!

We are not a company, we were simply offering a favour to other drivers by offering the listed parts for sale at a reasonable price, we are a working family with 3 children. When I spoke to you on saturday I explained that I hadn't been over the doorstep as Joseph was poorly and you were obnoxious in return, but due to my shift work and James' job I couldn't actually get to the post office and you have kicked up a stink of which I would associate with a childs temper tantrum.

In future just for your reference and anyone else who choses to contact us please do not contact us after 8pm unless it is agreed by private message in advance, and if we don't answer the phone please leave a voice message rather than be bloody minded and ring again.

Keith, once again I will also say please by all means refuse the starter motor when it arrives and you will be refunded, but in the same breath I also know that you won't because you know fine well you'd never get one as cheap that is reconditioned and guaranteed.

Oh and should you ever phone me again please don't try to talk down to me I find that infuriating, just because I'm female and a mother it dosn't mean I'm stupid.



People Wanting Parts

We are probably never going to agree here, but the key points for me are:-

You offered the 3 day delivery
I accepted and paid immediately
Some 8 days later, you have my money, I do not have the goods
I need to repair my car this weekend and am trying to find out when the goods will arrive
Despite an e mail & text request this morning for a valid tracking number (the one you sent last night is invalid), and your posts to this forum, I still have nothing that I can use.

Can you advise the tracking number please?

Thank You

James has got home and photog

James has got home and photographed the receipt and sent it to you as a media message as proof that it has been sent and the amount paid for delivery..
He has just seen your message and is rather upset!
YOU had said there was no urgency for the starter motor to be delivered.
what were you planning to do at 9.55pm on a night with a tracking number anyway????????????

He is on the phone now trying to get the parcel turned around and sent back to us - if he can then as soon as it arrives then he will refund you via paypal (the way you paid) instantly.