Sportrak Exhaust


I was wondering if anybody had any advice about my Sportrak's exhaust.

Its been rattling for a while, and I replaced the front pipe and cat with the old model front pipe, so I didn't need the cat.

That has stopped some of the rattling, but it sounds as if some of the baffles have gone in the silencer box.

Would there be any problems if I replaced the silencer box with a straight piece of tube?

I know it would be loud, I'm not worried about that, but I would have thought that it should increase the power.

My old car had a straight through stainless system on it and had far more power and torque, but I just wanted to know if it would cause any problems on the Sportrak.


Scafold tube.

'if I replaced the silencer box with a straight piece of tube?'
Certainly very loud, a MOT failure and a prosecution for excessive noise.


Well when i bought my sporty there was no back box on her at all it has fallen off lol it sounded quite nice infact sounded beefy but mace is right an mot fail for sure for the noise as some mot stations canrefuse to do an mot procedure if the exhaust is too loud and also you could get fined for noise pollution
but i have to say i never got stopped myself with the growl with no back box and it wasnt too noisy believe it or not but personally id just leave it standard its safer but up to you Wink

sportrak exhaust and smoking manifold

Well, it was just a thought.

That new downpipe has made a lot of difference. Engine is more responsive and has a lot more torque, I especially noticed it on hills.

I found a nother small problem today though.

I was going through town and I had steam coming out from under the bonnet.

The top radiator hose clip had broken and coolant was leaking.

Put a jubilee clip on and stopped leak.

When I got back to work I checked engine again and there was light grey smoke coming from the manifold heat shield.

I found rocker cover bolts loose, so I tightened them.

Still some smoke. I took heat cover off, drove for 10 mins - no smoke.

Put cover back on again, and it was smoking again.

I couldn't see anything on the cover, and I can't see where any oil would be comming from.

Any ideas?



Top hose ... if you need a replacement dont go to diahatsu. Take the hose to a motor shop and get them to match it against another hose. I recently replaced Sporty top hose which matched exactly a older Morris car - hose just needed slight trimming to length and cost just 50p !!!!!
Smoke from heat shield could come from venue unknown .... the air blast through the engine could be blowing it onto the shield.

PS ... take a close look at the radiator cap .... the inside rubber seal gets thin and 'steam' escapes to condense on the radiator's top edge.