Daihatsu F50 - Anyone got a spare engine for sale?


I bought the F50 Saxan Crusader advertised on these forums over the weekend unfortunately the engine seized before I had even gone 40 miles. The vehicle is in the garage now and I am awaiting their assessment of cost to put it right. (Gulps!!) Does anyone have an F50 engine in good working condition they might want to sell? Or does anyone know where I might get a short motor?

I'd like to get the old girl up and running again because she is quaint but I do not have unlimited cash to spend.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have a compleat engine sat

I have a compleat engine sat on the floor. It was all working fine when it cam out of it's previous home. More than that I don't know what state it is in.
£80 if you want it.
I'm in Dover, Kent. (07710 088162)
Aulternativly, there are quite a few 2.8 Terbo's come up on e-bay. One of these would go in with very miner modification.

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F50 Engine


Many thanks back with you shortly as discussed

Cheers Dave