'89 Sportrak with webber carb


I have an '89 sportrak with a webber carb which is fitted to a low mileage imported engine, which runs rough at start-up then a flat spot if i try to accelerate hard.
i bought it with this problem but now i have a quandry; the seller said that it ran perfectly when the engine and carb were fitted, but the garage tell me that the owner supplied the carb and that it should have had a daihatsu carb, not webber. And they say that it never did work properly with the webber carb.

Any ideas?

Me again

No-one with any ideas for me yet, so i'll suggest a few and see if anyone has advice to give:

Can i fit an injection system to an '89 carb model?

How well should it be possible to get the webber carb working? if i can find a knowledgeable enough mechanic to do it. It's running like a pig after my local garage thought they'd got it right!

carb probs

i there i see you are having probs with your carb on your sporty well in a nut shell whoever sold you it with a webber carb on it and said it ran fine tell him he,s a bloody liar the only way you are going to get to run right if you put a oringinal carb back on it because of all the vac pipes etc that needs to be in place to make it run right as for converting it to injection you will be looking at a head change and a lot of wireing if i was you ill take the oringinal carb option i hope this helps


Thanks for that advice. I hate liars but then i've only got myself to blame!

if anyone comes across a (good) carb and manifold for it i'd be grateful for the info.

carb probs

hi im now on my 4th sporty with a carb there pigs,
good luck in finding a replacement carb in working order,
the wax diaphgms are always packing up,
plus u cant get the parts for the carbs in the uk any more ive tried all the carb dealers and manufactures over here.
i now stick to injection models only much easier and more reliable.
hope u get on ok? cheers steve

carb prob's

Thanks for the encouraging words! not sure if you said you were on your 4th sporty with carb or you only buy injection models now?

what do people think it's worth in it's current state? immaculate body, 2000 miles on an APi engine with new but not ideal webber carb, new clutch, one year MOT, hard and soft tops?

I was under the impresion tha

I was under the impresion that originaly all Sporti's were injection. They had the system replaced with a carb in the UK on earlier modles as a way to get the cars into a lower insurance braket.
This being the case, an injection system (with inlet manifold) should bolt right up? Could bo worth investigating farther anyway?

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Sorted problem

The garage had another look at the carb and made some adjustments and now the car seems to run beautifully! it starts spontaneously if i don't use it for a day or two, and takes only a few turns to start when the engine has been recently used, helps to give a slight tweek on the gas when turning the key, and is zipping around town. Just a slight flat spot when accelerating hard but considering that the webber is more economical than the original carb i'm very pleased!