Dodgy Tail Light


I just noticed today that my n/s tail light doesn't work and the front n/s light in the bumper doesn't work, but the brake lights do.

I checked the bulb and it was fine.

I found a that the green wire coming from the small white connection block to the green wire going to the bulb had broken.

It had 12v going to it, so I connected the wires - nothing Scratch one-s head

I checked the contacts on the bulb fitting and there was only 1.5v going into the bulb.

Has anybody else had problems with the wire going to the bulb, as the light unit seems to be sealed.

Is it easiest to replace the whole thing, or can you somehow get to the bulb holder in the plastic unit?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Dodgy Tail Light

Just to mention that its a 1991 Sportrak

Strange.. mine (same as yours

Strange.. mine (same as yours) has the same problem, but i cure mine by hitting it as the screws are well chewed up...


Did you try earthing the lamp's frame to earth and trying the lights. The lamp's negative connection could be via its screws to ground. The earth connection, possibly the lamps screws, could be corroded.

The 1.5 volt thing sounds lik

The 1.5 volt thing sounds like a very dirty/corroded conection. Have you tried taking apart & cleaning up all the conecters? Alternativly, bypass as the original wiring, with a feed from the other side light, which is working?

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Got the back light working

I found a break in the wire going to the bulb, so I cut the wire back to the plastic conduit and replaced it with a new piece.

The back light now works again, but the front light in the bumper still doesn't work.

Is there a wire in the back somewhere which affects it?


Again its probably a corroded earth connection. Test with a wire from the bulb negative to earth. If nothing showing then test the positive supply to the bulb.

Finally sorted

I found the bulb had blown in the front light.

Its all working again now.

Thanks everybody for the help and suggestions.