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Hello i have a fourtrak 2.8tdl 92 model.
The fog light has appered to have stopped working, checked bulb and that is fine, just wondered as i have no wiring diagram did anyone have one to hand that would show where a problem could lie?

Any help will be greatly received.


Watch out, the light is earth switched !

I'm presuming that the light is the rear fog light.

For some crazy reason, the Oriental gentlemen choose to switch the earth lead of the fog light. The power is supplied from the rear light circuit, so is switched on with the sidelights. The fog light then comes on when the dashboard switch makes the connection to earth.

This makes the wiring of a trailer socket a real pain, with all sorts of messing about with relays added to the wiring harness at the junction under the front left-hand seat.

One thing to try before you delve into this mire is to check out the cleanliness of the trailer socket and wiring connections to it, if you have one fitted. To stop you being dazzled by the rear fog light when towing a trailer, the socket is arranged to switch off the car fog light when the trailer lighting plug is connected. This mechanism is pretty much rubbish and is forever suffering from the ingress of muck and wet. The mechanism usually conspires to switch off the fog light permanently !

Thank you

The car has been used for towing, and i have my towing test on the 31st may, so is this going to be a really big problem, that will never be solved?

We noticed it because the trailer fog light wont work either, but all the other lights on the trailer work, just not the fog light.

Dont wan to get to my tset and it be cancelled because my rear fog light will not work.
Any tips?
Thanks Anna


Sorry totally forgot to mention that the light on the button inside the car does light up to show that the rear fog light is on, does that make any difference to the previous response?

thanks Anna

If you replace the earth conn

If you replace the earth connection to the fog light switch with a new live feed, taken from the side light circuit. Then replace the feed to the fog light with an earth the light should work normaly. Now you can have trailer fog lights as well without lots of over complicated Jap wiring.
As for the 'switch' in the trailer lighting socket, it is a pain and rearly works right for long.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Thank you!

Thanks for your help and advice i will pass the information on to my dad and let him, work it out from what you have both said. Looks like we are going to be busy tomorrow.