insurance for a sportrack?


Hey all,
I recently passed my driving test (im 17) and would like to get a sportrack for my first car. can anybody tell me what i should expect to pay for insurance? (i know my age will make it expensive, but are they expensive to insure anyway?) plus it would be helpfull if anyone could tell me the laws regarding bullbars in the uk? Any help would be much Aprechiated.

Thanks- Rob.

no clue


just do some searches on the web for car insurance, you will soon get an idea.... When I first passed me test were good...I stayed with them for 6 I'm with direct line....there are LOADS of options...just do some searching.

Bull the best of my knowledge they are still OK




Make sure you declare bull ba

Make sure you declare bull bars when obtaining insurance quotes.
They might still be legal but a friend (female, over 40, clean licence, full NCD etc) found a lot of companies now add a loading to the premium if they are fitted.
Worst was their existing company who wanted an additional £200 even though they had happilly insured the same vehicle with them fitted for several years before !

Paul Humphries.

Sporty Insurance

Well there a group 10 rating (ELXi model) so don't expect H reg Fiesta
My latest renewal quote from CIS was £474 fully comp, I told them to shove it and changed to Direct Line for £330.

For comparison purposes thats fully comp with 8 years no claims and protected bonus, £150 XS and 35 year old male with 3 points for speeding (not in the Sportrak though, heh!)

It wouldn't suprise me to find at your age with (I presume) zero no claims bonus that you can easily expect to pay over £1000. Some insurers might not want to know you at all with a group 10 car.

Have you tried various online quotes? If so, what sort of prices are they quoting?



Sporty ELXi 1996, 1 year no claims, fully comp, business use, just me driving:

Direct £321 with £250 excess £219, £100 excess, you can vary excess to vary premium

AA £258

Norwich Union £302, with no excess £320

Shop around!