Problem with Fourtrak lights


Hi, have just got a 93 fourtrak fieldman and the rear lights dont work, aswell as the sidelights and dash lights. Headlights, mainbeam and brakelights all work fine. Any advice???? Also i am looking for a set of new tailights also if anyone has any recommendations!!! While i'm asking are there any common problems i should be prepared for on a 93 model thats done 91,000 miles?
Thanks in advance


Duff fuse

There's a fuse which covers this lot.

I suspect it was blown when you connected a trailer with a conventionally earthed rear fog light. Pity that the poxy Daihatsu system is earth switched, so you get all sorts of funny short circuits when you try to marry the two thogether.

Sometimes the switch in the trailer socket that's designed to stop you being dazzled by your own rear fog light when you are towing throws a wobbler and gives you all sorts of shorts.

Thanks for advice

Cheers rf, i'll get looking for that fuse!!! Only got it yesterday and didnt check out the lights first!!! school boy error i know.


Checked all the fuses and still no joy, i hate electrics. Anymore help anyone???

OK, lets try again

Hmmm .... let's go for the obvious.

If the sidelights don't work, then the light switch might not be feeding juice to the sidelight/instrument light/tail light circuit.

It can't be a duff earth on the rear light clusters because the brake lights are working.

Before you start to rip apart the steering column (which I don't know a thing about because I haven't done it), it might be an idea to see if the rear fog light works. That is connected directly to the tail light circuit and its earth is switched by the dash switch. If you get the rear fog light with the headlights and ignition on, then there's power coming from the light switch to the tail lights.

If you don't then it might be time to dismantle the indicator stalk.

BTW, you're in good company, I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer, and I also abhor Daihatsu electrics.

Problem solved!!

I have resolved the problem the only way i know how, i took it to AL my mechanic and he did his magic(and give it a service) and hey presto the lights all work.Yippee i can drive at night now.
Thank you all for the advice, shame i'm not very mechanically, electrically minded, i just like driving it! Any views on the veg oil in diesels issue?????