G reg Fourtrak noise from clutch linkage


I've owned a 2.0 petrol Fourtrak for a couple of months, it's only used to drive around my village and allotment (via bumpy tracks). It's developed an annoying rattle as I drive but stops when I press the clutch pedal. It sounds like a loose plate of metal. Any ideas? Thanks.

Independents do the same.

Yes, mine has started doing the same thing.

To stop the rattle, all I have to do is to press lightly on the clutch which takes up the tension in the cable. This isn't a solution because what I'm doing is 'riding the clutch' which is well known for knackering all sorts of things.

I'm not sure I have sorted it yet, but it seems to have gone away when I tightened up the clutch cable adjustment by moving the circlip on the bulkhead end of the cable up one notch. (The cable free play was getting a bit excessive anyway.)

The noise I think was due to the clutch cable outer flapping from side to side and touching the surrounding bits and pieces.

clutch cable

I'll give it a go, thanks for your help!

Doh ... the return spring is missing .... IDIOT

This thing has been bugging me for ages.

Anyhow, while greasing the prop shafts lying on my back under the vehicle, I realised the return spring between the bellhousing and the clutch lever was missing. It must have broken off ages ago. The vibes would have shaken the broken bits off, leaving no evidence that the thing was there in the first place.

Replacing the spring meant that the noise instantly disappeared.