four track f73


the springs on the auto hubs have straitened them selfs so you cannot select 4 wheel drive any info on this problem is this common or can i convert to manual hubs. it is a 1993 fieldman 2.8 t.d.s. ta ian

Auto hubs tend to knacker themselves

According to Milner Conversions, the standard Daihatsu auto FWHs tend to fall apart. Their manual hubs are simplicity itself to fit and mechanically.

Unless you want to pay north of £500 for a pair of genuine replacements, I suggest you part with about £130 for a pair from Milner.

The early FWHs had 5 bolts to fix them, and the later ones on Independents have 6 bolts. Milner now have both types.

OK, so you will have to get out of the vehicle to engage the hubs when you need 4WD, but only wimps in mink coats in Jeep Cherokees insist on not getting dirty outside the vehicle, requiring a button on the dash to press instead.


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