Fourtrack Ball Joint query



Any ideas how long it takes to fit a new balljoint on a fourtrack 2.8 independant ( 1999 ) Unknw

Many thanks

Can do both in an afternoon

I'm guessing you have the usual problem with Indys knocking out bottom ball joints every 5 years or so. BTW, both left and right balljoints are usually replaced at the same time.

Operations necessary:-

Jack up front end and take off front wheels.

Wind off the tension in the torsion bars, counting how many turns before the nut goes loose (so's you can set the suspension height back to where it was). If the locking nuts on the torsion bar lever have seized, you might be spending lots more time than you bargained for! Note that the Daihatsu workshop manual suggests taking the torsion bar tension up by putting a hydraulic jack under the wishbones. All it needs is one slip while you are struggling with a tight taper and BANG .... no fingers !!!!!. Much better to release slowly all that stored energy in the torsion bars by winding them off.

Strip out the 4 bolts holding the bottom ball joint.

Split the taper .... MEAN balljoint splitter required !

Re-assemble new balljoint and torque up nuts to required settings.

Wind up torsion bars to previous setting (might be an idea to take the tensioning levers and bolts apart and grease them, so as the job is easier next time.)

Refit front wheels (torque setting for wheelnuts 100nM or 74 ft lb .... NOT the usual 'gorilla on the end of a long lever', as favoured by some who like stripping the wheelnut threads))

Jack down front end.