Terios engine knock?


hello all
just bought a Terios 1999 with a engine problem it has a knock when running (loud) the person i got it of had it at a local garage and was told it could be big ends (83.000 about on engine) going to drop engine out to cheak them but just wondering if anyone has come across this before


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Could be the big ends, or the mains; or even the camshaft knocking, before dismantling try to identify the area the noise is coming from. Use a large screwdriver and place the tip on the suspected area, and put your ear on the other handle end, move the point around and you will hear the difference in sound and identify the problem area.

One additional check is the oil pressure reading, worn big ends or mains means the engine oil flows out quicker, thus less oil pressure. If you have an oil pressure gauge, put this in place of the oil pressure switch, read the pressure with the engine hot, check against the manufacturers engine oil pressures, if it is excessively low it is the bearings.

thanks did go round with

did go round with screw driver and think its around the bottom back. started stip out and will know soon.
just trying to find a manual for the engine now as the manual from here covers the later model not the one i have got.