Sheared Wheel Bolt


I discovered this morning that one of the attachement bolts for the wheel nuts has broken, basically sheared in two. I assume that is an MOT failure and as mine is up in two months i want to get it sorted. My question is, are these bolts welded or screwed in to the hub? Do i simply have to pick up a new bolt or is it down to the breakers?

thanks Matt


Bolts are on splines, they fit tightly into the hub and the fine splines prevent them turning when tightening wheel nuts.
To remove it, use a punch in the centre of the broken stud and simply hit it with a large hammer, it will pop out. Push a replacement into place as far as it will go, pack it with washers or a socket, and put the wheel nut on backwards with the flat to the washers, tighten the nut and it will pill the stud into place.

Broken stud

Assassin took the words right out of my mouth. Make sure you get the correct length replacement stud.


M J Young