there is always one isnt there...one switch or button that is there but you do not know what is does..i am talking about a 1991 fourtrak,rotary switch on the dash to the right of the steering wheel, got a couple of wavey lines on it, doesnot pull out or push in, can rotate either way but does nothing that i can see. any idea what it does?


I think this is used to

I think this is used to adjust the idle when cold, I also use it for low speed cruise control. Normally it should be turned anti clockwise until the revs drop turn it clockwise and the revs will slowly increase.

Switched On

This switch rotates to increase the engine revs, basically it is a hand throttle, keep turning it and the engine revs will keep increasing.

This is used when driving off road across rough ground to stop your foot bouncing on the throttle pedal, or when the vehicle is fitted with accessories.
In Europe, winches fitted by daihatsu as an optional extra were powered from the transfer case by a shaft, items such as these require a constant speed, and consistent power output. Idling engines may cut out as they produce too little power, not acceptable when winching an unbraked load uphill.
Accessories in other countries could include farming accessories, or even alternators to provide power.


Hi assissin,
thanks for the info,as the fourtrak will be used only for off roading with my lad this may well come in handy, we also have an electric winch fitted now so i am guessing that a higher idle speed would also help on that score as well.

been a menber for a couple of weeks now and never had a fourtrak before so i am finding the site very interesting indeed,your name appears allot so i am guessing you are far versed on the make.question- re oil changes,does the 2.8 tdx have two oil filters? the guy in the shop thought that they might have, i can only find one on he right hand side below the air filter should i be looking elsewhere as well?




Twin Filters

Only one air filter, one oil filter, and one fuel filter are fitted as standard, modifiers may have fitted twin oil filters when used for long off road durations in expedition prepared vehicles.

Filter kits are available cheaply from Milners, £10 for all three supplied as a kit, + VAT and postsge, unless you are in Derbyshire and can visit their premises.

Oil changes were every 3000 miles on your model, with the oil filter being changed every 6000 miles, but at this price it is worth changing every service. Use only mineral oil, not synthetic oil, the engine has large internal clearances, and synthetic oil could actually damage your engine.

Air filters should be removed every 3000 miles and blown out with an airline, and the housing cleaned, these are only replaced every 24,000 miles as they are a swirl filter. Again, at this price it is worth replacing every service.

Grease nipples are fitted to both prop shafts, grease these, and all the steering joints regularly if off roading, this keeps them in good order, and all water and grease out.


Hi asissin,
thanks for that will stop looking for the other filter now!
will give the old girl an oil change now,greased the props today will look at the steering as well now you have said.
having gone over her for the last couple of weeks can see why they say they are built well,the engin seems to be bullet proof providing it gets tlc,i have a couple of rust holes but thats nowt to worry about, my brother inlaw who runs a converted sj with a diesel 1.9 recons i will be able to go where he goes next time we are playing, that will make a change!

thanks agian man.


handy tool

Yer i find that a handy switch too for using it for many things like pulling gang mowers at set speed, winching, jump starting, running inverter for electric etc etc, another clever little device from daihatsu

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack

On The Pull

What? pulling gang mowers, one of our local farmers uses his to pull a combine harvester (20 tonnes) across a field, uphill. He does it every year, and its always at a weekend when we all turn out to watch this annual event.
It does make tractor pulling boring, but his Fourtrak never leaves the combine stuck.

After all these years you would think he would have learned not to put the combine in that corner of the field.