Dashboard Electrical Problems - Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Apart from a few of the binnacle illumination lamps needing replacement, I noticed that the 4 wheel drive indicator light no longer operates (4 wheel drive is OK)and a host of other electrical problems seem to have manifested themseleves within a few days. The rev counter sometimes works but mostly not. How easy is it to remove and replace the complete dashboard binnacle?

When the ignition key is turned, on some occassions the solenoid "clicking" is heard but no action from the starter motor. After a few turns the engine starts OK. But I can still hear the "clicking" for two or three times in the background. Does this mean the solenoid is on the fritz?

Finally, the rear wiper has ceased to work. I am not sure if the wiper motor has gone, or there are some other connections or relays to check.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Not a real problem to remove

Not a real problem to remove the instrument panel. On top, either side, there are 2 rectangular cover panels, prise these off with a screwdriver. Under these are 2 10mm bolts on each side. Remove these. Way down the bottom of the panel across under your steering column, there are 2 screws, remove these, and prise the top of this panel toward your seat. This will uncover 2 screws that affix the bottom of the instrument panel. Undo these, and the panel should then come loose. Lift it gently, and feel behind for 2 electrical connectors, and the speedo cable. These pull off, but I think the connectors have a couple of push buttons on each side.
Apart from the dud bulbs, It sounds like you have a dicky earth to the panel. There are a number of small nuts holding components in the panel to the casing itself, as well as the circuitry. Make sure these are all firm. Check the fuses for the dud wiper motor. Check them all, dont necessarily believe what is printed on the fuse box cover. The starter solinoid could be on the way out, or just have a bit of crud in it. And is it really the solinoid you can hear after the motor starts, or is it the glow plug relay. These continue to click for up to 30 secs after starting, especially when cold. Look for the black plastic cover covering the relay, on the right hand side of the engine bay. Have a friend feel the top of this when you start the motor, and see if it still clicks.
Good luck.
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