Help oil leak problem


Hello i have a 1990 sporty 1.6 carb model. After driving it for over ten mins it leaks oil somewhere from the top of the engine, it covers the top of the inlet manifold, looks like from round the vacum switch on the inlet manifold but it's thick oil why would it be from there?
Plus it's a struggle getting it up to 60 it's my first sporty so is this normal?
thanks for any thoughts


No it isn't normal in any way on a Sportrack.

Check that the Cam cover isn't cracked, thay have a habit of going on the corners due to overtightening. It may just be the gasket of the cover gone on the inlet side.

The only "thick" oil in that area would be in the front diff, the transfer box and of course the gerbox, but how it is getting that high would be a mystery. Does the oil smell like Hypoid oil? or engine oil? and is oil in the engine reasonably clean? If it was flicking up from the oil seal on the front diff then it should only occur when that diff and front prop are spinning eg 4WD with Hubs locked. But, I would expect to see traces on the underside of the bonnet and all round the bay as once warm, oil sprays some distance.

I wouls thoroughly cleean the area with Gunk or Jizer, remove the sump pan and run it for a while in 2wd with front hubs in the unlocked position if manual or unlocked if auto. This should indicate more clearly where the oil is coming from. If there is none then suspect the front diff oil seal and run it in 4wd with hubs locked to confirm.

Sorry if this is garbelled but I am thinking of possibilities whilst writing.

With the sump plates off any leak will show up on paper if left say overnight. With a clean engine the same will be obvious.

Good luck


M J Young

Blocked crankcase breather?

Not knowing anything about Sporties...... have you checked that the crankcase breather system is ok, and not blocked up with sludge?

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

Cam cover

Cam cover has probably worked loose. Tighten down the bolts .... not too tight !

Cheers for the help found it

Cheers for the help found it is the rocker cover gasket, sorted that now the bloody fuel lift pump is leaking why did i buy this bitch hahaha