HiJet S85 CB42 993cc Piaggio lump torque settings


Hi all, recently got a HiJet which was overheating & after trying out all the various tips & advice on here without success, I took off the head to find a couple of leaks in the gasket, so the head is off to be skimmed later today.

I've found the torque settings for the head on here, but can someone please tell me the torque settings for (1)inlet manifold, (2)exhaust manifold, (3)crankshaft pulley & (4)does timing belt tensioner have a torque setting?

This is my first HiJet but I did have a Suzuki Supercarry some years ago, so I knew what the ride experience was going to be like. However this overheating seems to be the major problem with the HiJet, has no-one a definitive answer to it?

I need more info on different things, so will post seperate topics. All help gratefully received. Thanks Paul.


Regarding the overheating, make sure your radiator is in good order, and that the honeycomb between the coolant tubes is clear of dirt and dead flies etc., so that air can be drawn through it. Also, make sure that the seals on both radiator caps are in good condition. Obviously, check for leaks etc., and if necessary, remove the thermostat. It will run without it. The cooling system requires a restriction in it, otherwise the coolant will remain stagnant within the system, and will not be pumped around. The thermostat normally provides this, but there is a restriction in the thermostat housing, so it will be o/k to run without the 'stat.

Hi jetex, thanks for the

Hi jetex, thanks for the advice & that page with torque settings, I'm grateful.

All being well, I'm toying with a couple of mods for the future, which I'll quickly mention here before posting in the mod section. (1)the idea of an additional water pump, an electric one that comes on together with fan, but only when engine is shut off. This should cool down the engine, instead of leaving it cooking & might help prevent gasket probs. (2) electronic ignition - I've read elsewhere that some Charades have this & it might be possible to swap bits from a scrappy.

Have you or anyone else thought of doing either of these or even fitted them? Any ideas welcomed, thanks again, Paul.

Electronic Ignition


Electronic ignition is great, but it may be a bit complex to do the wiring. If you feel confident enough - go for it !!

Torque settings

Have a look at " General Discussion (vans and trucks) ". On page 2, under the heading "differences in CB 42 engines", there is a full list of all the torque settings you will need.