1996 HiJet S85 CB42 Van (MPV) - radiator access?


Hi all, while my head is off being skimmed I thought I would clean out all those years of dead flies from the radiator, problem is how do you get to it? If anyone can talk me through the process or has a copy of workshop manual for it, then either will be most welcome. Thanks, Paul.

Radiator Access

To remove the radiator, first you have to remove the front panel from the van. This is usually just clipped in, and should just pull straight off.Unscrew the front indicators,and unplug them and remove. Then you have to remove the front bumper. This is held on by 2 bolts in the front just above the indicator areas, 2 bolts at the bottom of the bumper, just ahead of each front wheel. Then open the doors, and there are 2 bolts ( one either side ) just above the bottom door hinge. You can then remove the front bumper. Disconnect the top radiator hose from inside the van,on top of the engine, and the bottom radiator hose.Unplug the fan switch and fan plugs. The radiator is held in by 4 bolts ( 2 either side ). Remove these, and the radiator can then be removed. Once out, remove the screws holding the fan onto the radiator. Take the radiator to a specialist who will clean it out. Mine was leaking, and cost £85 for a new core to be fitted (and I'm in the motor trade !). Some of the bolts will almost certainly snap off, and will need to be drilled out. When you replace the rad, try and fit a new plain cap to the radiator, and the spring loaded one on top of the engine. If these do not seal properly, the engine will overheat.

Radiator Access

Hi jetex, thanks for the comprehensive instructions & advice, looks like a few hours work for an old-timer like me.

I follow everything you've put, but I don't know what you mean by a 'plain cap' where you say "and fit a new plain cap to the radiator, and the spring loaded one on top of the engine"

I have a 'normal' cap on the radiator & the one on the engine is also spring loaded. Anyway, if you could explain what you mean by a plain cap I would be very grateful. Thanks again, Paul. (please bear in mind that I'm no mechanic, rather I know little bits about lots of things & lots about nothing Biggrin )

Radiator access

Hi Paul. I know those instructions sound complicated, but really you can get the bumper off in less than 15 minutes, Bear in mind though, that some of the bolts will probably snap off. I am a professional mechanic so these things are relatively easy for me, but I'm also a simple person and like to break down complicated things into simple terms so that a person with no technical knowledge can confidently tackle repairs on their vehicles. If something was beyond the capabilities of a non technical person, then I would advise against tackling the job yourself, and seek the services of a professional.

Regarding the cooling system, the radiator should be fitted with a standard looking cap, but it does not have the spring in it, just a blank rubber washer. There is a metal pipe on top of the engine which the radiator top hose connects to. The spring loaded cap fits on this filling point. If the cooling system has been drained, remove both caps and fill the cooling system from the radiator until the water comes out of the filler on top of the engine, then fit the plain cap to the radiator. The cooling system only needs one pressure cap (spring loaded one), so it sounds like somebody has fitted the wrong cap to your radiator. The spring on the cap on top of the engine lifts under pressure, and the water (coolant) overflows into the expansion bottle, therefore there is no need for a spring loaded cap on the radiator.

Radiator access

Hi jetex, you were spot-on with the advice, although I only broke one bolt Smile Thanks for your time, Paul.

Radiator Access

Thanks Paul, hope you get your radiator sorted o/k. Anything else I can help with, just let me know.

I'd like to add my thanks to

I'd like to add my thanks to Jetex as I've just removed the rad from my 1998 993 Hijet in just over an hour following his advice.

May I offer the following which may also be helpful to others attempting the same procedure:

One of my front bumper bolts was behind the number plate, just below the slats covering the horn, and both are in a recess. All 6 bumper bolts are 10mm, and the ones above the door hinges also have a X screwdriver slot.

The 4 rad mounting bolts are 12mm, and those securing the fan to the rad are 8mm. If you're 'swopping' your rad for an exchange one, make sure you remove the plastic nutserts the screws holding the fan screw into.

I found it easier to disconnect the top hose last of all, from outside the van. Both the solid spring clips holding top and bottom hoses broke though, so it's handy to have a jubilee clip or two in case you need it.

While the rad is out, it's worth putting a dab of grease on the heater valve pivot and cable - you'll probably never have access to it again unless you repeat this procedure.

When I squeezed the heater hose connected to the valve it felt as if there were crystals inside. Fearful it would be choked up with rust I removed the hose, but found only a light coating of rust inside.

I plan next to flush the system as much as possible with a garden hose before fitting the new rad. Mine came from a local firm (Brighton Radiators - 01273 611102) and cost £91.94 inc VAT with free delivery. I guess it's because they're local that they were happy to drop the new one off (free!) and will pick up (what's left of) the old one when I call them.

My spring cap is fairly new (found the old one was standard size and therefore fouling on the neck of the pipe - correct cap is smaller than standard) and flat cap washer looks fine so it will go back on.

If anyone's interested I will report on how it pans out.

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1995 & 1998 Hijet vans and 2003 Extol