great idea for a snorkel


I have come up with a combination for a snorkel that could potentially be great, but need some ideas of how to go about it.

i was thinking that a vitara safaro snorkel will fit quite nicely as they both look like a very similar shaped car. as for the filter, to do away with the old air box (which causes a signifficant power loss) i saw that K&N do a range called apollo which contains a cone filter inside a sealed case and looks like it can be fitted inline between the 'black box' and the outer snorkel.

and ideas and opinions are very welcome


Airflow makes a snorkel for

Airflow makes a snorkel for Feroza..possibly this is useable on fourtrak? Also been told the Safari model for Landcruiser 70 series is a close match too.

thanks do you have a website

thanks do you have a website for air flow, it is for a 96 sportrak, any idea how difficult it is to modify the land cruiser snorkel

many thanks