1994 fourtrak fieldman tds struggles over 2000rpm!


my truck was ran low on fuel and it developed problems accelerating and going over 2000rpm especially even up a slight hill, changed the fuel filter and re-bled the system. it starts and runs fine until you either need to get over 40mph or are on a slight incline then it behaves like it has fuel starvation. does anyone have any ideas? fuel lines look ok, but is there a tank filter if so where? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Help

Tanked Up

The tank filter is in the fuel tank, remove the top cover and there is a long pick up pipe from it, on the very end of the pipe is the strainer.
Remove the strainer and clean thoroughly, and ensure it is not damaged, damaged ones often flap over the end of the pick up pipe and act like a valve as fuel is sucked up.