Fourtrak engine won't stop



I am new on the website. I see it has valuable information on fourtraks/rocky. I own a 1998 Rocky that I recently purchased. After a couple days of ownership, the engine sometimes just won't stop. Even with the key completely out of the ignition. I think I read a post about that problem but I just can't find it.
Can anybody help?
Greatly appreciated


Simple problem, the fuel shut off valve is sticking and needs removal and cleaning as a temporary measure; and replacing with a new one.

Fuel shut off valves are located on the fuel injection pump, these are simply electromagnets with a plunger attached. When the ingition is switched on the electromagnetic action pulls the plunger up and holds it in this position, thus letting fuel through to the engine. When the ignition is switched off, a spring pushes it closed, the plunger engages in the delivery hole and shuts fuel off.

Bosch injection pumps are fitted to your vehicle, so a bosch injection specialist will provide you with the complete valve, or replace it for you.

Fuel shut off

Thank you very much for the quick reply man. Will check on it. Will post when problem is solved.