Sirion F-Speed Automatic Transmission Fluid Contamination.


Hello everyone.
My car is a 2004MY Sirion 1.3 F-Speed @28.000 miles.

I've just changed the fluid yesterday and noticed that the draining fluid is rather black than what is supposed to be red.

So I'm a little bit concerned about the situation.You know you can not fully change the fluid.The replaceable amount is only 1.8 liters.What should I do?Should I keep changing the fluid till it gets red.Or should I leave it like that.
How often do you check the condition of your transmission fluids?
What may be the cause of the problem.Am I wearing out the transmission?

If the fluid is black, it

If the fluid is black, it sounds as if it is burnt, does it smell burnt?

I would change the fluid and run it for a week or so and change it again to be sure - be careful when refilling, as its easy to overfill an auto box.