Crank No Start 4x4 Rocky 1996


I have a Rocky that is not running, I have checked the fuel line feeds all the way to the Pump and even set up a gravity feed to illiminate the fuel filter/canister arrangement, fuel is getting to pump. but no fuel out of the lines it is also bleeding back to tank. So i checked the power on the Relief valve side ?? but could not check the pressure side due to access. but there is only mV on the relief side so i`m thinking that the EFi is not telling the Valves anything voltage wise, ( what should these be ) Unknw

Is there any other system i might need to check to get voltages there Unknw

Ie Relays know connection issues. i have continuity all the way up until it goes into the wiring loom , passed the plugs,

So my question is where to look and what to look for i`m no novice to vehicel electrics but the hunt or know of this vehicle is a first.

Any direction / help is appreciated so i don`t have to spend more time looking for something that is know to others as a potential that i do not know exists or it`s where abouts would be good.

All other sytems around this issue I have checked these voltages (mV only is a concern)