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Just been poking around in my Sportrak to find out about the rear speakers, and discovered that behind the nearside rear interior panel (behind the rear interior light) there are a couple of wires that have connectors on the end but aren't joined to anything (on the same loom as the interior light)... any one know what they're for?? (I've only got a EXi so its probably to do with top-spec versions)

Also, does anyone know hows best to remove the blanking off panels that cover where the rear road lights went on earlier models (either side of the tailgate)... my are bolted at the top but practically imposible to get to! Are the lights that go there still available or is it a matter of finding a scrap yard with them?!


Maybe something to do with th

Maybe something to do with the initial position of the rear lamps you mention...As regards those, a breakers is probably the best option - You see them on early ones and "grey" imports. Vitaras have a similar blanking arrangement. You could always try some of the specialist spares outlets for greys that have sprung up.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

The earlier Rockys and Feroza

The earlier Rockys and Ferozas (Fourtraks and Sportraks) had the rear combination lights in the rear 1/4 panels (I think you guys call em the wings) As time went by, and design rules changed, there was a need to reposition the lights, usually ended up in the rear bumper. This happened in Australia when the boffins in charge of the rules decided that all rear lights must be able to be seen from anything up to about 45 deg from either side of the car. This meant, for example, the right hand lights were not visible from the left hand side because the spare wheel obstructed the view. This also came into play with the introduction of red light cameras here. The laws were not retrospective. Daihatsu obviously found it easier to make up the small cover panels, than rehash the complete panels, and just fitted the appropriate lights for the country the car was destined for. I would expect you can access the rear of the cover panels through the inner padded trim panel. It should then be a simple job of fitting the lights, and I would expect the wiring loom would just about plug in. Those lights are held in place by screws through the lights, into plastic plugs that lock into the panel.
Hope this helps
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