Battery overcharging problem


My battery is boiling of water fairly rapid like, charging volts is 14.6 which seems a tad high, any advice Unknw
1995 2.8 TDi Fourtrack/Rugger

You will need a new alternato

You will need a new alternator. 13.8Vdc should be the nominal charging voltage, and the regulator within it has packed in. Nowadays these are enclosed in the alternator itself - it used to be possible to change them on Lucas units, but these look fairly well sealed.

To save destroying your battery while you get a new alt., give the battery a bit of a heavy load (i.e HRW) when in use to soak up some excess current.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Dave,Whats the black box on t

Dave,Whats the black box on the inner r/h wing, looks like a old style regulator, can it be adjusted Unknw

Thats your regulator, check t

Thats your regulator, check that first. The Sportraks have a different charging system, with internal regulators.
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That's definatly the bit. Ha

That's definatly the bit. Had this problem with nearly every old deisle Daihats I've ever had. It's a big heavy old lump. It can be replaced by a much more hardy sealed solid state Toyota module. Unfortunatly I can't remember which Toyota it comes from.

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Had the same problem on my wifes 1984 F75 and bought another regulator from the local wreckers for a few dollars and solved the problem. It has a black box etc on the left hand inner guard. The newer models may be different but I doubt Daihatsu have changed this.


yeah - i noticed i have to to top my battery up more often than i ought to but this only equates to about once every three months, which i can live with (havnt checked the voltage at the terminals though)

mines a 1999 tdx with 50k miles