Cheap 'club camping weekend'


Great news! The owner of Sibbertoft 4x4 (Rob) near Market Harborough in Leicestershire has come up with a cunning plan. In an effort to encourage more clubs to get involved with the 4x4 Market and LandyJumble events at his site, he’s offering a package which will make a great cheap ‘n’ cheerful camping weekend for the clubs.

For the 4x4 Market - 7th September 2008 - he is proposing that a 4x4 owner/driver club member (that’s any 4x4 be it Land Rover, Jap or Jeep) can arrive at Sibbertoft 4x4 on Sat 6th Sept, play-all-day on the off-road course as much they like, camp over Saturday night, gain admission to the 4x4 Market Sunday 7th Sept, and still have a minimum of 4 hours on the off-road course Sunday - all for the paltry price of £25.00, with each additional passenger costing only £5 for the entire weekend!

That I reckon is a blinding price, especially given that most off-road centres charge £20 - £25 per day just for an off-road course playday. Even better is the fact that Sibbertoft 4x4 has proper loos on site, plus a permanent 30ft marquee where clubs can have a get-together in the evening should the weather be inclement; great for a birthday celebration or some other occasion!

It’s worth noting he is also offering exactly the same package for the next LandyJumble event at Sibbertoft weekend of 1st & 2nd November 2008 - LandyJumble (obviously for Land Rover owners) being held Sunday 2nd Nov.

It’s nice to know that not all land owners are greedy, some like Rob (a farmer normally) are realistic and actually on ‘our side’ for a change … fair play!

Contact can be made via the event listings at Simply look up the date for details.