gearbox on a 1.6inj sportrack feroza


hi i need some tecnhical advice. i was going to change gear and the clutch on my sporty went lose and then ther was a thud. like something snapped. so i checked the cable it seems okay but i don't know how else to proceed with this problem.

i desperately need to fix it soon.

will be grateful for any advice


Questions ..........

What year is Sporty?
Went loose? - what does that mean?
Did it thud whilst depressing the clutch?
Is a gear still engaged?
If a gear is still engaged, can Sporty be pushed along or is it 'in gear'?
Can the clutch peddle be depressed ..... if 'yes' what happens?

gearbox on sporty (f300)

hi mace
the clutch went lose and their was a thud. the clutch has no pressure to it when depressed and doesn't return back to starting position. is it something internally like the release bearing or the fork that the clutch cable is attached to.



IMHO the fork has snapped or the realease bearing disintegrated. There is always a chance that the box casting has broken away. It sounds like a dismantling job. Good luck.


Several options; the clutch cable has snapped, or become detached from the operating fork, or clutch pedal; cables usually snap at the gearbox end.

Operating fork has become detached or damaged, check to see if it moves in all directions instead of the direction it is supposed too.

Thrust bearing has pushed through the pressure plate in the clutch.

Remove the rubber gaitor where the operating arm enters the gearbox, this will allow you to look into the bellhousing with a torch, this should give a good idea of where the problem lies, or eliminate several possibilities.

gearbox fixed

hi everybody
who helped with advice i have had the jeep fixed now and the the clutchplate and friction plate have been changed and new bearings installed as well as a new clutch cable as the old one frayed a bit. so whilst i had the chance i replaced everthing i could.

thanks for the advice
st-helena island