sporty air filter for snorkel


i have fitted a k and n filter to my 96 sporty and has anyone ever used this filter in conjuction with a snorkel. if so could you give ne some ideas or send me some pics etc,

many thanks



Is the filter a simple original sized replacement which sits in the original housing, or a performance replacement item which are not fitted in the original housing?

If it is a replacement item in the original filter housing, a snorkel is a viable option, just attach it to the air inlet and fabricate to suit.

If it is an external performance item, it is possible to fit a snorkel, but it would hinder performance by not getting enough cool air, and entail considerable fabrication work.
Due to the design of these performance filters, they are often sited slightly differently, and do not give increased performance on their own, they are generally sited in the incoming air stream, this moving cool air is what gives a slightly, if noticeable performance advantage at high engine revs. After testing many of these so called performance filters, they only offer a performance advantage when used in conjunction with other performance modifications to the induction/injection system, or internal engine modifications. Considering this, if you want or need a snorkel, it would be prudent to revert back to the original air filter, and modify the inlet pipe to allow fitment of a snorkel.