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The starter on my 97 Riviera went T's up so removed and tested it definitely buggered.However trying to get a new one is a bit of a problem.The one I removed is genuine Daihatsu one, but I am having trouble matching it.The one I took off does not have a nose cone however the ones that show in factors lists do.Does anyone know if they will fit and operate successfully? Help

Geoff H.


Options are simple, replace with a reconditioned unit, or simply recondition it yourself, the main problems are worn brushes or solonoid.
These units can be stripped and the brushes replaced if the commutator is not worn, and the solonoid contacts can be carefully refaced with a fine file. Parts such as brushes are available from your local auto electrician who will normally supply the parts.

Alternatively; give your unit to an auto electrician to recondition for you, you will have no concerns about it fitting.

As Assasin says, it may need

As Assasin says, it may need a good seeing-too with new brushes and armature BUT you may (as I did) get away with just a good strip down, clean, a blast with contact cleaner, refacing the brushes and solenoid contacts, and putting it back together. It's still going strong 3 yrs later.

About an hours work all-in.

When cleaning the gaps in the commutator, use a soft instrument such as a cocktail stick which will not sctatch the surfaces..

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

starter strip

Had it apart checked armature with ohm meter its major buggered job into local lucas depot tomorrow.Major rebuild about 160 quids worth.Beer money gone for a week or two.Still in the words of the prophet s*"t happens.Thanks for interest.

Geoff H