What the ...:shocked:..........was that ?


Hi Guys, Please help me! for the last two days my sporty has been playing up. The problem is when for the last two days I've got in my sporty and she's fired up first time as usual and purrs away beutifully for 30 seconds and the it begins.......theres a loud churning sound coming from under the bonnet followed by what can only be described as driving over a cattle grid for a mile long i.e. bump,bump,bump,bump,bump especially it seems to start on the passenger side front wheel, theres also a sound like chains rattling under the drivers footwell this lasts about a mile and then she purrs and glides again and is as quite as a mouse. I've had the bonnet open and can see nothing wrong.....has anyone else had this if so please advise....I'd hate to loose her. Cray 2Cray 2 :cry:Thanks Guys