Hijet 1300cc 16v warning light



We have a 51 plate Hijet pickup where the engine warning light has come on but the engine appears to be running normally,

It happened some time ago and we had the local independent garage next door to us check it out, he got a reading of an all cylinder misfire.
This was shortly after the van had been through some flood water and we thought that this may have been a contributing factor so he reset it to see
if it would reoccur.

The light had come on again and we had it checked again with the same results as above and once again it was reset.

Recently the light came on again but this time we had a P1300 code instead of the all cylinder misfire, but this code does not appear in his books so he can't diagnose it.

We have a spare engine with all the sensors on it and we were wondering if any one had any ideas what we should change.

Many thanks.

Hi-Jet warning light

Hi, The fault code P1300 can be broken down as follows : P = Powertrain ( engine, or gearbox )
1 = Manufacturer specific code
3 = Ignition system or misfire
0 = Denotes individual component
0 = Denotes individual component

So it's the ' 00 ' code that is at the heart of your problem, and you MIGHT find what component this is in a workshop manual. From experience, I would suggest that you check/replace your spark plugs, paying close attention to the gaps. If the management light is still coming on, it could well be a fault developing with your ignition coil pack, this is quite common. You could try changing this, and re-setting your E.C.U ( management light ). A big clue here is the '3' in the code, being an Ignition Misfire.

Manufacturers are always reluctant to release technical information because it takes a job away from their dealer network, certain manufacturers only provide the minimum information that they have to, to comply with the law. Good luck with it !

Thanks Jetex for quick

Thanks Jetex for quick reply.

Will try new plugs, but when we looked at the coil packs between the engines we found that they were different so we can't try these,
just my luck really!