1l Diesel Engine


I'm looking into small diesel engines for a project and I have come across the 1l 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine that used to be in the Charade. What sort of power and torque charicteristics does this engine have, and what are the overall dimensions?

Also is anyone aware of Daihatsu any other manufactures who produce diesel engines of a simular capacity today.

Can't help with the Charade u

Can't help with the Charade unit, but the Daihatsu microvan, the Hi-Jet is built in Italy by Piaggio - and used an Italian Lombardini diesel unit. Lombardini are a long established firm who make many small single cylinder oil engines.

Other manufacturers making small capacity diesel's include Lister-Petter of Gloucester, UK - They are popular units which often can be seen powering refrigeration units on trucks.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty